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Rev. Bob Patin has been assisting couples with their Southeast Louisiana and New Orleans weddings for over twenty-five years. Many hotels, halls, and wedding planners refer couples to him on a regular basis. Couples meet with him to discuss plans for a wedding celebration that will truly express the love they share and the commitment they are making. He performs religious as well as civil ceremonies in the location of the couple’s choosing, including parks, chapels, hotels, halls, restaurants, family homes, the lakefront, and various French Quarter settings as a marriage officiant.

In addition to meeting couples in person Rev. Bob is available to discuss wedding plans by phone and email. He encourages couples to bring in elements from their own traditions and backgrounds to make their celebration more meaningful. The result is a personalized ceremony. Each couple is different. But all couples desire to have a wedding that will create a lifetime of memories to be cherished. This is Rev. Bob’s goal and dream each time he assists a couple in celebrating their special day.

As the dream of the wedding day approaches fulfillment, he puts forth every effort to make it the perfect wedding day for each couple. An exceptional individual among New Orleans wedding officiants, Rev. Bob shows that life is about giving your all, to not only those closest to you but to everyone around you, in whatever way or means you are able. In his own life of helping others by giving his best, he sets an example for each couple he serves.

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